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I've been an "artist" since I was big enough to color on the walls with crayons. "Small town" famous. I've got a few pieces hanging in pubs or equally as "awesome" places. Got a few ribbons at the fair. Got married early, and started having babies early (6 total), so it wasn't long til my passion was about teaching them how to color in the lines, then to throw the lines away.

Along the way, I managed to also stumble into rooms of Narcotics Anonymous (1987) and long before there were computers, I was designing the graphics for t-shirts & coffee mugs for NA conventions and groups. By the time computers came around, it was just another art medium for me.

 I have  done various designs for school clubs, athletics, bands, etc. I've done a lot of  work for church's and summer camps, scouts, etc. On the other hand I've got t-shirts on the website called "T-shirt Hell". Not sure if you are familiar with that, but it is a bit off the beaten path. I've also done work for some of the local talent, from the grunge bands to the honky tonk country bar bands. I've done poster's and t-shirts for local "head shops", vape shops, and have now done work for legal medical marijuana dispensaries. I have to admit I had to take an online "crash course" for some of the newer things to get  feel of what I was being asked to convey, but I had happy clients in the end.

So, that being said, I have a great sense of humor-others sometimes say it is a bit twisted and dark… so there is that. Also, sarcasm is my native tongue. I've managed to raised 6 children to adulthood. I'm easy to work with, and can usually come up with pretty good idea's fairly quickly.

Graphic Design is my "passion" project and where I have been able to take my love for art into a whole new medium. it has become like a brand new "paint brush" for me. I hope you will give me the opportunity to bring your ideas to life! Whether you're looking for a Logo for your company or branding and marketing ideas or awesome graphics for t-shirts, posters, or pretty much wherever your imagination can take us, I'm pretty sure I can get your ideas into a workable format for everything you'll need!

I have experience in graphic arts and in creating logos and market branding. I am very good at taking your thoughts and ideas and getting them "out of your head" and into a visual art form that you will be able to use across many platforms to promote your business. I have been doing this for well over 25 years from school clubs and athletics, charities and fundraisers, as well as local and online businesses. I have created about 300 logo's and business branding graphics over the last 25 years.

I have the Adobe, Corel and JASC graphic editing suites and can deliver your images in all formats, print and/or web ready.

I am experienced in the Microsoft Office Suite, (powerpoint, publisher, word, excel, etc).

I still love to take out my sketch pad and draw and paint the "old fashioned way". And I have several of the crafting machines, such as the Cricut and Silhouette, which allow me to do a lot of different things from vinyl work, glass etching, stenciling, and amazing paper crafts.


I sew, mostly enjoy sewing baby dolls and toys for my grandchildren these days, but it is a skill I have had for over 35 years, when I first began sewing to clothe my children.

My love of art also spills over into cake sculpting & decorating...so, if you're close enough logistically, I could show you some of my edible art! I do make candies & cookies that travel well, though!

If you're self employed or a small business and need or want a Professional Office presence, I can do that for you. Your Virtual Office can be as little or as much as you need... whether it's just answering your phone or maintaining your online presence or taking care of all your office needs from payroll, AR/AP, taxes, and HR, or anything else that will help you run a smooth business. I can provide you with a dedicated phone number that will be answered with your business name, prompt response to all correspondence, emails, and messages, and any other daily business will be handled in timely fashion. I have been the "Virtual Office" for 14 businesses over the last 20 years.

Other skills I have are restoring old and damaged photographs, colorizing black & white & retouching to remove blemishes or other artifacts from photos (including unwanted people-lol).


I spent 12 years working in construction, hanging and finishing drywall, the last 5 years of that as co-owner of a drywall company that employed 48 men. So, in addition to working all day onsite, I took care of the business side of things as well. I am very familiar with the terminology and ins and outs of having multiple jobs going on at a time.


When I broke my back, I knew I would never be able to return fully to my chosen field, but I still had six children to feed, so I have not let too much grass grow under my feet. I have always figured out a way to take what I know and use it in various fields, and to always be learning. I am not scared of "hard work" , and I'll try just about anything given the chance. If I don't know, I'll tell you, but if you want to work with somebody willing to learn, I'm your girl!

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